Former ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Announces Current Houseguest as ‘cancelled’

Apparently, Elena (BB19) is now the person in charge of who can, and can’t, live in the state of Texas. Who knew?

Haleigh is cancelled because she talked shit about you on the live feeds? That’s funny. I recall someone doing the same exact thing last season when their boyfriend said that Amanda (BB15) was attractive. People don’t forget.

Backpedal, backpedal, BACKPEDAL!

Why are you so mad, Elena? Could it be because Haleigh is actually playing her own game? Is it finally setting in that you may have spent your entire summer in the Big Brother house being Paul’s puppet last year? Whatever it is, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you have to see the hypocrisy in your tweet.

PS – I took a screenshot of the tweet just in case it got deleted. You’re welcome.

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