Cara Maria Reveals What Took Place Before A Controversial Elimination

I want to start this off by saying that I am all for making eliminations as even as possible. I also want to make it very clear that I am not taking anything away from Kam or Kayleigh. They won the elimination under the rules that were placed in front of them and that’s all they could do. However, I feel that MTV may have made too much of an effort to make this elimination an even playing field.

The crew thought that, by double-banding Paulie, it would be an equalizer in this elimination. When, in fact, the double-band made it virtually impossible for Paulie to even reach the puzzle pieces, much less get them to the cage where Natalie was assembling the puzzle. Meanwhile, Kam was hanging out, drinking coffee, and scrolling through her Twitter feed inches from the cage with very little restraint.

While watching the elimination, it was clear that Paulie’s band seemed shorter than Kam’s. After seeing Cara’s tweet, I found myself wondering why Natalie wasn’t the one running and Paulie the one assembling.

Here’s the kicker.

As first reported by People, Paulie actually asked production if he would have the same type of banding as Kam or Kayleigh if he ran instead of Natalie. Apparently, production told him yes — which was obviously not true. I don’t believe the elimination was rigged. I think it came down to production not realizing how much more difficult adding another band to Paulie would be. However, I do find it a little suspect that MTV did not come out and say that they had altered the banding to make the elimination equal during the episode. If it weren’t for Cara tweeting about it, we may have never known.

Once again, the purpose of this blog WAS NOT to diminish Team KK’s elimination victory. All they can do is compete, no matter what the situation or the rules. ‘Killa’ Kam is a beast with an UNDEFEATED elimination record (4-0) and has brought out the ‘Killa’ in Kayleigh. I just found this story to be very shady, that’s all.

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