I Need This Kaitlyn/Haleigh/Faysal Love Triangle In My Life

If you would have told me two weeks ago that Rockstar and Kaitlyn were on the block during eviction night, it would have been a no brainer; send Kaitlyn home. I was tired of her shtick and did not want her on my television any longer than she had to be. However, as the season has progressed, I have realized that Kaitlyn is simply the gift that keeps on giving in the Big Brother house. You can’t deny that she brings a certain element of entertainment to the show that no other houseguest can. Whether she is having one of her whacky-ass visions, getting messy after-hours with Brett, or just being a certified crazy person…I NEED MORE! She is the center of attention, at the core of the drama, and a reality television goldmine.

Not to mention the potential love triangle between Kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Fessy that is on the horizon. Tell me you wouldn’t be entertained by Kaitlyn creeping around the house cockblocking Fessy’s every move. You can’t. Quality entertainment.

So yeah, if I were the one deciding who gets evicted tonight, it’s not even close. Pack your bags, Rockstar. Not that I have anything against her, I just NEED this Kaitlyn/Haleigh/Fessy love triangle in my life.

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