Take It To The Bank, Paulie Will Be Back

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the fact that Paulie is perfect for The Challenge. The rookie has burst onto the scene guns blazing. Some may call him a hardo. Some may say he’s a little too cocky for being a rookie. Personally, I’m enjoying the no nonsense, no bullshit energy that he has brought back to the show.

If you are not familiar with Paulie from his Big Brother season, I can promise you this is not an act that he is putting on for more screen time. Challenge Paulie is the same loud, muscle flexing, shit talking, meathead, villain that Big Brother Paulie was.

For everyone out there saying that Paulie should “know his place” and bow down to the vets; my question to you is, why? This isn’t baseball. Paulie does not have to respect any “unwritten rules” of The Challenge, or treat those who have played the game before him like they are some sort of holy figures. THIS. IS. REALITY. TV. And it is exactly why we watch it. How boring would the show be if the only ones allowed to speak their mind or stir the pot were the vets, while the rookies had to sit quietly in the corner just to get picked off one by one?

Take it to the bank, Paulie WILL be back. Whether it’s winning his way back from Redemption House 2.0 this season, or in future seasons. We have not seen the last of Paulie Calafiore on The Challenge.

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