Kaycee Winning That Veto Comp Should Surprise Absolutely No One

After hearing the rules of last night’s (August 29) veto competition, there were two VERY clear front runners to win—Fessy and Kaycee. Why? Well, Fessy played tight end in college and Kaycee currently plays wide receiver professionally. If you’re not familiar with those positions on a football field, their job is to catch passes.

Fessy had to be licking his chops when he found out what the competition was. Here he is, on the block, holding on for dear life in the Big Brother house, and a comp that he should excel at falls right in his lap.

One problem. Remember the part from earlier where I told you that Kaycee is a PROFESSIONAL wide receiver?

Yeah….that threw a wrench in Fessy’s plan. To his credit, he did finish second. At least a former college right end lost a competition like this to a houseguest that catches footballs for a living. Would have been REAL embarrassing had he lost to someone who did not have Kaycee’s football background.

Whether she’s making one handed snags during the veto competition or sending a poor soul straight into concussion protocol by completely obliterating them, Kaycee is a BADASS on the football field.

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