The “$15 To Pick 5 Alliance Members” Game

First and foremost, I want to get out in front of everyone tweeting or replying, “casted is not a word.” I know. It was a typo. My bad. I’ve had water in my ear for about a day and a half now and it sounds like I’m on the inside of a goddamn echo chamber every time I talk. If that’s not a valid enough excuse for a typo, then I don’t know what is. But hey, at least I got it right on Instagram.

Ok, back to business.

For the most part, people have followed the directions and used their $15 to choose FIVE houseguests. However, some have decided to use the money to pick three or four. Who the hell am I to tell you how to use your $15? Whether you want to pick three Dan’s at $5 a pop…

Or flip the game on its head, pick NO ONE, and keep your $15.

I don’t hate this idea. Pocket the $15 and bet on yourself.

I didn’t create this game to tell people what they can and can’t do.

As for me, I’ll use my $15 to pick:

Dr. Will Kirby ($5) – The type of houseguest you want on your side, because if he’s not, it’s pretty much a wrap for your game. Dr. Will has proven that he can smooth talk his way out of any situation and would be my number one pick off the board.

Derrick Levasseur ($5) – No one made winning Big Brother look easier than Derrick. His loyalty and his efforts to keep both, Cody and Victoria, from being evicted made him a no-brainer pick for me. This guy will stop at nothing to keep his alliance members safe and the numbers on his side.

Paul Abrahamian ($3) – Arguably, one of the greatest players to never win the game (I said arguably, calm down). Paul would be my Final 2 from the alliance. If history has taught us anything, I’d beat him on finale night with a vote of 5-4. (Sorry, Paul. Still love you.)

Vanessa Rousso ($1) – Vanessa is an absolute STEAL at $1. She was WAY TOO GOOD at this game to not pick for your alliance at a $1 value. Hand up, I’ll admit. I may have messed up the positioning of some of the houseguests on this chart. I’ll explain later.

For my last dollar, I was torn between two houseguests. On one hand, there’s Cody Calafiore. In my opinion, one of the most loyal people to ever play Big Brother. He could have EASILY taken Victoria to Final 2 with him and EASILY won $500,000. However, he stayed true to his Hitmen alliance and took Derrick instead—which ended up costing him $450,000, but that’s neither here nor there. There is always a spot on my roster for someone this loyal, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Instead, I went with…

Jessica Graf ($1) – Imagine how much differently BB19 would have gone if Jessica was never in a showmance with Cody. Granted, it worked out for them in the long run because they’re now engaged, but let’s just talk game for a minute. If #Jody never happened, Jessica would have never been on Paul and his minions’ radar. They wanted Cody, she was just collateral damage. Jessica was great at comps and had a fantastic social game—when Cody was evicted the first time. BOLD THEORY: If #Jody never happens, Jessica wins BB19. No disrespect to Josh, Jessica was just that good.

Our alliance name:


(see what I did there)

Thank you to everyone that has participated. It’s been fun seeing who you would all roll with. Keep in mind, this is all a matter of opinion. There are no wrong answers here, just have fun with it!

SIDE NOTE: Looking back, I definitely would have made some changes to the chart. Vanessa should’ve been $3, Jordan $2, and Da’Vonne $1. I messed up. My bad. It happens. But just like the typo in the tweet, it’s already out there now. What can you do? I’m sure there are others that I mismanaged and I’m sure you guys will let me know about it, but those were the ones that jumped out to me. Just take it as a gift, from me to you, that a player as good as Vanessa is available for $1. You’re welcome.

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