Two Years Ago Today, AYTO: Second Chances Premiered

I have no idea why, but I fell completely head first into an AYTO Google search rabbit hole tonight and stumbled upon AYTO: Second Chances. Feeling nostalgic, I clicked the link to refresh my memory of the show. As I was scrolling, I noticed something that absolutely blew my mind.

Today’s date is March 22, 2019. The original air date for the premiere episode of AYTO: Second Chances?

My completely random Google search happened to be exactly two years after the premiere.

Friends, that’s called fate. No, not the obnoxious, gimmicky button they used on season seven of AYTO. Actual fate. I had to blog about it.

This led me to think, why has there not been another season of AYTO: Second Chances? I get it, most of the AYTO alum are now cast members of The Challenge, but not everyone is cut out for that life. I enjoyed seeing former contestants such as Rashida, Ellie, Hayden, and more on my TV again.

MTV, it’s time to give the people what they want. Bring Second Chances back for another season.

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