The Bachelorette-Family Meets the Final 3

Last night for the first time, Rachel introduced her final 3, not final 2 to her family. If you’re a fan you know the family usually flies out to some fancy location and meets the final 2. However, Rachel’s sister is 8 months pregnant so she brought the final 3 to Dallas where all 3 men were together in the same room for awkward encounters before meeting the Lindsay’s. 

First up to meet the family was 


I must admit Peter really won me over in this episode even though he left Rachel in tears, but we will get to that later. I wasn’t the only one that Peter won over. The day started shopping for baby gifts for the new baby and the Peter swept in and charmed the pants off her family. Before doing so, he finally told Rachel he was falling in love with her and she was smitten. He then continued to confess his love for her in front of the family and everyone thought he was genuine and sincere. While Peter was talking to Rachel’s mom he decided not to ask for her hand in marriage, but instead for permission to continue dating Rachel beyond the show. Mom respected this because she’s openly skeptical about the whole process. In the end, Rachel’s cousin referred to him as “Winner”. 

Next up with the bar set high was


Eric hasn’t met a girlfriends family in almost 7 years which is worrisome for all parties. However, that didn’t stop him from confidently walking in there and getting approval. Eric talking about his troubled past in Baltimore, his parents negative relationship and what he has overcame. He discussed what he wanted in a marriage and proceeded to ask for her hand in marriage, receiving a yes from mom because she is trusting her daughters decisions. Family was a little worried about the fact that Eric has never been in love, but all in all he certainly got their approval. 

Last but not least was 


Bryan quickly got to meet two good friends of Rachel’s who helped sign her up for The Bachelor. They went pretty easy on him and everything seemed smooth sailing, until arriving at the Lindsay’s. Upon arrival, Bryan was instantly grilled with questions like who takes priority in his life  between his mom and his potential wife and how he can be using the word love so fast. Bryan held his own and was confident about his feelings. In the end he asked for Rachel’s hand in marriage and got approval 
After Dallas the four flew off to Spain for the remainder of the journey. 

Eric had the first date. He expressed all these new feelings he was having and how hard it was for his to express love. They had a simple dinner in a ended the night in the fantasy sweet. 

Peter had the second date. They went to a winery and he had her write their name on a cork as it was a family tradition. He was open about his hesitations for a proposal at the end and Rachel and he ended the episode disagreeing about what a proposal meant which left Rachel in tears and all of us waiting around for another 2 weeks to see what happens. 
Next week is the Men Tell All and in two weeks the dramatic finale will take place! 

Who should she choose? Bryan. 

While I love Peter and understand his hesitations she seems to be in a different place. Sure, Eric is sweet but I just don’t see a long term relationship with someone who has never been in love and two people who are very different. 

So Bryan it is because he is open about his feelings and wants to marry Rachel. 

But in all seriousness, ABC make Dean the next Bachelor! 

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