Devin Is The Villian ‘The Challenge’ Fans Need

Devin being sent home week one is the equivalent to LeBron James suffering a season ending injury in the first game of the season. No, I’m not comparing Devin to LeBron James because of their accomplishments. However, both being out after the first week, or game, will significantly impact the way the season unfolds.

With a Johnny Bananas-like ability to stir the pot, Devin is ratings gold! He may not come anywhere close to stacking up to Bananas when it comes to challenges, but Devin can spread chaos throughout the house with the best of them. Which brings me to a new nickname proposal: Devin Plantains. 

I understand that Devin won ‘Are You The One: Second Chances’ and he proved that he could win competitions in doing so. Let’s face it, if we’re talking in terms of baseball, that show would be considered the minor leagues in comparison to ‘The Challenge.’ No disrespect to ‘AYTO: Second Chances’ because I’m a big fan of the show, but the facts are the facts. 

That’s not the point I’m trying to make. If I wanted a competition beast back in the game I would be writing this blog about how Darrell is the one we needed. Devin is the villian ‘The Challenge’ fans need because he is conniving, he’s manipulitave, and he’s just flat out entertaining. 

In a season that is called the ‘Dirty Thirty,’ it would be a shame if one of the dirtiest personalities in MTV history was only on the show for one week. Listen to what Devin’s “plan” was after Cory eliminated him and try to tell me that he isn’t a perfect fit for a season called the ‘Dirty Thirty.’

Here’s to hoping Devin finds a way out of the Redemption House and back in the game. 

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