4 Reasons Why Mark Is The Worst Houseguest Of All-Time

There have been several bad houseguest that have roamed the Big Brother house. After last season, I believed that if there were a trophy for “Worst Big Brother Houseguest”, Jozea’s face would be plastered all over it. Running around talking about “scenarios” and how he was the “messiah” of Big Brother. Just the worst. Until, Mark graced us with his presence in the Big Brother house this season. This guy, Mark. I struggle to find any reason to root for him. So, I have created 4 reasons why he is the worst houseguest of all-time. 

4. He is TERRIBLE at competitions​​

This video doesn’t exist

It took all of 25 seconds for him to get eliminated from tonight’s HoH endurance competition. TWENTY FIVE SECONDS.

3. Throwing pickle juice in Josh’s face​


​I get it, Josh is pretty damn annoying. We can all see that just from watching three times a week, let alone having to live with the guy. But, throwing pickle juice in his face over a game of pool? Get over yourself. 

2. He’s a crybaby


​”Boo-hoo. My friend is getting evicted. My name is Mark and I’m the only one to ever have a friend evicted from the Big Brother house.” It’s a game, move on. 

1. The ULTIMATE floater


​Mark was “ride or die” boys with Cody day one. The house flips on Cody, Mark follows the house, and helps send Cody home. Cody comes back, Jess wins HoH, and here comes Mark ready to be boys again. 


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