Who Deserves the Title Big Brother Winner?

To say this season has been a little one sided and not all that entertaining thus far would be an understatement. It has still kept my attention, but it’s a struggle to find more than one person that even deserves to make it to the end at this point. 

Below are the contestant and a 1-10 ranking on whether they deserve the title at this point. 
Alex- 6/10

Alex has won some competitions and managed to stay in the house when the couples were running the house for a short stint. However, Alex is clearly one of Paul’s minions and has shown very little of doing what she wants. 
Christmas- 1/10

Christmas post broken foot had created some good alliances with some stronger people which will probably still carry her far. What will also carry he far is the pity card. Who wants to evict someone that broke their foot. Certainly not Jason! All in all, kudos to big brother for trying to let her play, but it’s just not working and she has no shot at winning. 
Cody- 4/10

His ranking would be higher had he not got voted out. He’s obviously a challenge beast and is the only one at this point not in love with Paul which is smart. Unfortunately for him, the twist of temptation sealed his fate. It’s hard to say someone with a second chance deserves to truly win, but I am excited to see some drama back in the house. 
Elena- 2/10

I wanted to like her, truly I did. She’s made it impossible. Her big boobs got her a huge man and for whatever reason she’s just flying under the radar. Not to mention she isn’t good at comps. So all in all I hope to see her gone soon. 
Jason- 7/10 

At this point Jason is one of my favorites. He’s laying under the radar, winning a veto when needed and seems to see the bigger picture. He saw Jessica was alone, and tried to create a friendship with her. He also tried to convince Alex to keep her off the block which would have been smart. Finally, as a clear outsider he has managed to stay out of the target of the house and made solid friendships with several people. 
Jessica- 4/10

This is a tough call. Without Cody I don’t think she stands a chance. With Cody, she has a huge target on her back. She did repair a few friendships and looks to have gained another with Jason. Time will tell if Jessica is really here to play or have a showmance. 
Josh- 1/10

Does he deserve to win? Absolutely not. Is he good television with his crazy antics? Yes! If he makes it anywhere near the finals with all his enemies I’ll be shocked. He sucks at challenges, but hoping he stays around another week or so for my entertainment. 
Kevin- 2/10

Kevin earns a 2 purely because he’s likable. Otherwise, he sucks at comps and does whatever Paul says. Doesn’t mean he can’t stick around a few more weeks though 🙂
Mark 3/10

He’s a big baby and a jerk to a lot of people in the house. He has some solid alliances that might carry him a while but he’s so far not proven himself in comps. 
Mark and Raven- 1/10

Let’s go ahead and group them together because heck they are pretty much one unit so it seems. They get a one purely because they have a few friends in the house. Otherwise, neither are competitions beasts or have shown any strategy. Hopefully that changes but for now, they don’t deserve to win at all.
Ramses- 1/10

I love Ramses but at this point he hasn’t proven himself with alliances or comps (except for the one he was supposed to throw). 

Introducing your Big Brother 19 winner unless someone grows a pair. Year after year, when vets come back somehow everyone just bows at their feet. I can’t tell if people are afraid of him (they should be) or he’s really that good. At this point, it appears he could sell water to a fish. I don’t like Paul and I’m hoping someone makes me eat my words but for now, this is how the show is going to play out. 

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