Cody’s Back. Paul’s Pissed. Battle Back: What A Twist.

I’ll admit, going into tonight’s Battle Back Showdown episode, Cody was the last person I wanted to see back in the house. He was absolutely insufferable for the first three weeks of the show. I even wrote an entire blog about it. However, as soon as I saw how pissed off it made Paul, I was all in. ​​

​When it comes to reality television, I’ll root for chaos every time. This is why I have done a complete 180 on Cody being back in the house. You could cut the tension with a knife in the Big Brother backyard when the houseguests saw Cody come out from the smoke. Him being back in the house will cause nothing but controversy, drama, and paranoia. All three things that are a MUST for great reality television. Let the games begin….again!

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