Big Brother Battle Back: Who Will Get A Second Chance?

It’s that time of the year again. Big Brother has graciously given us a 4-episode week! Tonight, Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique will battle it out for a second chance in the Big Brother house. Here’s my rankings of who I want to be back in the house from least to most:

4. Cody

Cody was harsh, arrogant, and didn’t really seem like he had ever watched Big Brother before based off they way he played. Let’s be honest, outside of Cody’s friends, family, and Jessica, no one wants him back in the house. Yeah, I said it. 

3. Jillian

Jillian is an interesting contestant. She was evicted so early in the game that we never really got the opportunity to get to know her. In the short time she was in the house, she never really moved the needle for me. So, I wouldn’t be terribly upset if she did not battle her way back into the house. 
2. Dominique 

As we all know, Dominique was evicted last night. What most of us don’t know, is how poorly she was treated in the house. There were several controversial things said to, and about, her that only people with the live feeds were able to witness. She went after Paul, calling him a “snake.” So, Paul and his “minions” made her life in the Big Brother house a living hell because of it. Paul and the “minions” would lose their minds if Dominique were to battle her way back into the house. I’m all for chaos, so I’m all for Dominique getting a second chance.
1. Cameron

Honestly, it was a toss up for who I wanted back in the house more between Cameron and Dominique. The deciding factor, for me, was the fact that Cameron was evicted on night one. A Big Brother superfan who FINALLY gets an opportunity to play the game, doesn’t even get to spend one single night in the house. I hope Cameron wins tonight’s Battle Back competition for that reason alone. He deserves a second chance in the Big Brother house.

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