Big Brother: Casual Thursday, Food Fights, and Temptations

So much to take in during this live eviction episode. Let’s first start with how it must have been “Casual Thursday” on the Big Brother set. Julie Chen was looking as beautiful as ever rocking a pair of jeans in tonight’s episode. As far as I can remember, that might be the first time I’ve ever seen her wear a pair of jeans during a live episode. I don’t know. I’ve been wrong before (just ask Lindsey). Regardless, whatever you’re doing, Julie, don’t stop. It’s working. 

Fireworks were popping right out of the gate tonight. Mark and Josh were playing, what seemed to be, a friendly game of pool. The stakes were high, considering they could only use what was in the Big Brother house. The loser would have to chug a cup of pickle juice. Big time bet, I know. It ended with Josh double-hitting the cue ball on the 8-ball. Which, by rules, is considered a strike resulting in Josh losing the game. Apparently, Mark is a BIG “by the rules” guy. Josh wanted to redo the shot, Mark wanted the game to be over and Josh to accept his defeat. This is the moment where things got a little out of hand.​

The argument ended with Josh telling Mark to never talk to, or acknowledge him again. Two grown men arguing over a game of pool, embarrassing themselves on national television.  Oh how I love Big Brother. 

The food fight was not even the most shocking moment in this episode. Jessica entered the “Den of Temptation” and accepted the temptation. In my opinion, that was a HUGE upset. I thought, because of Cody, that Jessica was now public enemy number one. I was wrong…again. America voted to give Jessica the Halting Hex Temptation, giving her the power to keep someone from going home for the next 3 weeks. GAME. CHANGER. 

Ultimately, Dominique was evicted from the Big Brother house this week. She will have a chance to compete tonight in the “Battle Back” competition with Cameron, Jillian, and Cody to get back in the house.

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