A Snake and His Minions

How does this continue to happen, year after year, whenever a vet returns to the Big Brother house? A group of people, let’s call them minions, swarm to the vet in hopes of learning from their experience in the game. Eventually, the minions end up working for the vet, taking out any and everyone he/she tells them to. The vet will get the minions to do all their dirty work. Get all the blood on their hands. Just to pick them off, one by one, later in the game. WHEN WILL THE MINIONS LEARN!?

Obviously I’m talking about how Paul, the vet, has his minions wrapped around his finger. Look, Paul is a great player. In my opinion, he would have won Big Brother 18 had he not been such a jackass. That is exactly why he should have the biggest target on his back in the house. I get it, he has three weeks of safety (ending this week) which eliminated his target, but no one in the house seems to be gunning for him at this point. 

Say what you want about Cody. I was not a fan of his either, but he was the only one smart enough to take a shot at Paul. Unfortunately for Cody, that worked out for him as well as Cody taking Derrick to final two in Big Brother 16. 

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