Teen Mom 2- And Then There Were Five

Your favorite moms or maybe not so favorite are back! Plus one of course with Briana joining the cast. 

Teen Mom will be done all by me (Lindsey) so make sure to check back weekly! 

Here’s what happened on the season premiere of Teen Mom 2. 

Jenelle- She is still battling for custody of Jase. They are trying to move into a new house because the house they are in “might have mold”. Scary seeing how 3 kids live there. Jenelle spent the whole episode complaining about how she “can’t pick her son up” because she pregnant. I tried to be sympathetic because pregnancy hormones are no joke, but she’s too much. Jenelle takes Kaiser to a hotel and cried because she has no one… shocking I know. 

Leah- Leah has enrolled in college. Seems like a lot of work with 3 girls, but I really hope it works out for her. She deserves it! She continues to coparent well with Corey and Jeremy, even though he’s out of town a lot for work. 

Chelsea- Adam still seems really distant which makes me sad for Aubree. Chelsea claims she’s heard “he’s not doing well” so fill that in with what you wish and that he’s never paid child support. Chelsea and Cole ❤️ have a diaper keg party which looked like fun. Chelsea gave birth to her second child, Cole’s first, Watson Cole. 

Kailyn- The divorce with Javi is finalized and they both seem pretty happy about it and continue to co-parent Lincoln. Javi might get deployed again and got scolded for telling the boys. Javi appears to know Briana and her family and jokes about her mom trying to hook them up. Kailyn’s new man doesn’t want to be on the show. 

Briana- Briana currently while filming is pregnant with a baby due in July, which was both July 2nd. The new baby’s name is Stella and she has a daughter named Nova. The father of Stella is a boyfriend that hasn’t been around long, named Luis but he seems better than the last babies father, until the end of the episode where it’s brought up that he might be sleeping with another girl. They were discussing moving in together but guess we will see how that pans out. 


 1. Chelsea- She learned from her mistakes, found a good man, got married and had a second child. Chelsea is a great mom and have evolved a lot and Cole is just one of a kind ❤️

2. Leah- She is doing what she needs to do for all her kids and going back to school. Get it girl!

3. Kailyn- Can’t decide if I like her or not. She’s a good mom but she is about to have her third kid from a third guy and treats Javi like trash. 

4. Briana- Also didn’t learn her lesson and is pregnant again with a guy she barely knows. I hope it works out well for her. She might move up throughout the season since I don’t know too much about her but she earns number 4 for now. 

5. Janelle- It’s a given she brings up the end. She’s a crappy mother and treats everyone in her life like garbage so it’s no wonder she’s alone. I will give her credit for stepping up and being a little bit better of a mom and being clean for the time being. 
Until next time! ❤️

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