Hooked Even After 30 Seasons

What better way to kick off this new blog with the start of a new challenge season. The 30th season of the challenge better known as “The Dirty 30” began last night. This season brought back 29 (until CT can get his passport situation figured out) of the dirtiest players in the challenge history and some random fill ins that are not known to be dirty at all (Latoya, Jemmye, etc.)
The first episode certainly didn’t disappoint. It was dirty from start to finish. The episode started off with TJ not revealing the $1 million prize and let them all to believe they were competing for the normal prize money. The episode ended with the purge where they had to battle it out and ultimately Cory and Jenna had to send three people each home, or better yet to “Redemption House”.  The very end of the episode showed the six that were eliminated not really being sent home and they might be back.

Cory chose to send home Devon, Shane, and Darrel. Jenna chose to send home Simone, Amanda, and LaToya. They chose to save Tony and Jemmye, both of which seem like decent choices for their gameplay.

A couple of standout moments from the first episode
-Ashley the winner of the previous season the Invasion of the Champs had a mental breakdown after her luggage was lost. The thought of competing the next day without a bra was unimaginable and she went home.

I understand the struggles of big boobs but maybe you should’ve spend your winnings on something else besides your fake boobs. All in all, I’m sad to see her go becayse everyone loves an underdog. TJ hates quitters so we may never see Ashley again…
– Oh Corey.. some things never change. He has hooked up with a good majority of the house and has his eyes set on Veronica this season. A lot of the girls have their eyes set on him to eliminate first. Lots of women piecing together you’re scum, not looking good for him. However, I wanted to die laughing when Kailah told Aneesa she could have him and her response was “There’s not much to have”.

Let’s recap shall we…

Aneesa spent most of bloodlines crying over Cory so she can talk a big game all she wants. 
Every week I’ll post my favorites and least favorites for the week. This week is pretty much who I liked coming into the episode.  Sadly and not to sadly some of them have already been “eliminated”


Bananas, Cara, CT, Camila and Devin


Simone, Tony, and Amanda

Next episode airs next Wednesday at 9 on MTV. 

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