Cory Showed His Cards, Winds Up In The Elimination

Before I begin, I want to clarify that Cory’s gameplan coming into this season is, actually, a very good one. Targeting vets, former champs, and people you don’t think you can beat in a Final is a smart way to play the game. There’s no questioning that. However, making your targets aware that you’re gunning for them is not. Leroy said it best in his interview:

Leave it up to Johnny Bananas to figure out what Cory was plotting. Bananas gathered a group of vets and explained to them that if Cory eliminated Darrell because “he couldn’t beat him in a Final,” then they would be next. This was all before Cory revealed his “hit list” during the nominations. That Bananas, there is a reason he has the most Challenge wins out of anyone who has ever competed. He’s GOOD. 

The vets rallied together at nominations and voted Cory into the elimination. Even if he wins the elimination and returns to the house, I have a feeling Cory has made himself public enemy number one. The only thing worse that can happen for his game is if this guy returns from the Redemption House: ​

I will give Cory props though. It takes a ton of confidence and a heavy set of balls to call out some of the best ‘The Challenge’ has to offer. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. 

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