Could This Be The Return Of Tornado Tony?


​​I understand that this is a short video that I’m probably looking into too much and blowing it way out of proportion. But, one thing came to mind when I saw this clip, hope. Hope for a return of the most entertaining form of Tony, Tornado Tony. 

In years passed, Tony would come into ‘The Challenge’ house and set it on fire. Lightning in a bottle. Ready to blow up at any moment. Breaking things in the house, fist fighting his own brother, screaming like a maniac, you name it. An absolute electric factory and ratings gold. Then, on ‘Invasion of the Champions,’ we saw a different side of Tony. A grown up, more mature side. In his interviews, he would talk about how he went sober (yes, Tony went sober), how he is faithful to his girlfriend, and how his two kids were his number one priority. Tony has grown up and is trying to better his life, which is great. Although, I selfishly wished that Tornado Tony would come back to my television screen simply from an entertainment aspect. 

This short clip gives me hope that Tornado Tony is hinting a comeback. He is living in a house filled with booze and beautiful women, very tempting. You can’t tell me my man is not tempted, just look at the way he’s checking out Jenna:

Like I said, I’m all for Tony getting his life together, but if I’m being selfish (and I am) I would be so pumped for the return of Tornado Tony. 

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