Barring A Miracle, Jess Has Completely Wasted Her HoH

One would think that if you won Head of Household, won veto, and have ALL the power in the house for the week, you would be able to evict whatever houseguest you want. One would think. Well, Jess did all of that this week. EXCEPT, the whole “evicting whatever houseguest you want” part. How does this happen, you ask? Let’s break it down. 

Cody returns to the house after winning the Battle Back Showdown, which immediately makes the target on Jess’ back as big as it was when Cody was first in the house. Jess wins a crucial HoH competition, ensuring her and Cody’s safety for the week. She decides put Josh and Ramses on the block with the intent of Josh being the target and Ramses being the pawn. This was her first mistake as HoH. 

With Cody returning to the house, how could Jess not realize that would put them back to square one? The biggest targets in the house to Paul and his Minions. I completely understand why she nominated Josh, but Ramses!? Ramses is an “outcast” or a “floater” in the house. Paul and his Minions would have absolutely no problem with sending him home and keeping Josh, who told Jess that he would send her home if he wins HoH, in the house. Jess…WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?

It’s ok. I’m calm. Jess can still win the veto, use it to take Ramses off the block, put up Paul or one of his Minions, and make this right. WRONG! Jess wins the veto, keeps the nominations the same, and successfully manages to waste her HoH. I just don’t get it. She literally had every bit of power you can have in this game for the entire week. Yet, she’s going to be responsible for sending Ramses, someone who could possibly work with her down the road, home. Makes NO sense. 

Jess does still have the Halting Hex, which will provide her and Cody safety for at least one more week. After that, it might be curtains for them in the Big Brother house unless they win HoH after HoH. 

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