Catfish: “Delusional” Wayne’s World

This guy, Wayne. I don’t even know where to start. He met Robin on the Internet three years ago and formed, what Robin thought was, a strong relationship. In usual ‘Catfish’ fashion, Wayne was not the person he portrayed himself as on the Internet. I know, shocking. However, Wayne was a completely different catfish from the ones we’ve seen in the past. 

If we’ve learned anything from this show, the most common reason why a catfish portrays themselves on the internet as someone else is because they struggle finding relationships in their everyday lives. So, they log in to their computers and live their second lives where they have those relationships. 

Wayne is your typical catfish in the sense that he used a picture of someone else, but his story is different than most. By seeing the cars he drove and the house he lived in, it was obvious that Wayne did not struggle financially. Which raised eyebrows because he scammed Robin into sending him $300 for a new phone at one point of their relationship. He later admitted that asking her to send the money was a way of “testing her trust” (as if Wayne had a leg to stand on when it comes to trust). 

Going back to what I said earlier, most catfish struggle with finding relationships in their everyday lives. This is not case in this situation. Wayne is VERY confident in his abilities to find relationships in his everyday life.

​(congrats on the sex, Wayne.)

I liked Wayne at this point. He was funny, entertaining, and not at all what I expected in a catfish. Until, Wayne and Robin went on their date. Wayne made one comment on the date and another comment the next day that changed my opinions of him.

First comment, “I like to have more than one girlfriend at a time.” Ok, Wayne. If you’ve had a relationship with a girl for three years, even if you’ve never met, you can’t honestly think she would ever be ok with that. I get it, Wayne has told us that he has no trouble getting girls (congrats again), but you have to be the most delusional human being in the world to think that Robin came all the way to Atlanta, Georgia from St. Paul, Minnesota just to be your side chick.

The next comment came from the meeting the next day, “I give you me upfront so there’s no surprises later.” I’ll be honest, this one made me laugh out loud while I was watching it. “I give you me upfront so there’s no surprises later.” No surprises, Wayne? Really? How about the surprise that you were pretending to be someone else for the past three years? Like I said, a laugh out loud comment. 

Needless to say, Robin was no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with Wayne, but the two have stayed in contact and have remained friends. Maybe one day Wayne can find a girl(s) who are down with his lifestyle. 

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