Can Tori Be The First AYTO Contestant To Win The Challenge?

In a season that includes some of the baddest woman to ever compete in The Challenge, a rookie has emerged as one of the fiercest competitors. Tori, Are You The One? season four, has proven that she can compete with the best the show has to offer. No AYTO contestant has ever won The Challenge. Devin and Cheyenne are the only AYTO contestants to ever place in a final taking home third in The Challenge: Rivals III. Can Tori make history and become the first AYTO contestant to win The Challenge?

The first challenge of the season, The Purge, was played in three different phases. The first phase was an individual competition where challengers had to roll barrels uphill around the entire concourse with the top four finishers being safe from elimination. Tori finished fourth—behind Kailah, Camila, and Aneesa—securing her safety for the week in the first challenge of her career. 

The second challenge of the season, Cool Under Fire, was also individual one that was played in two heats. In this challenge, contestants had to sit on a sloped bench, high over the water, as contestants from the other heat launched tomatoes at them from a slingshot. The top two challengers in this challenge would be safe from elimination. You guessed it, Tori finished in the top two—along side Cara Maria—and made her presence known as she taunted the challengers that were shooting tomatoes at her face. 

Two weeks in, two challenges, two weeks safe from elimination. Don’t let Tori being a rookie fool you, she can hang with the best of them. 

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