“Puppet Master” Paul Delivers His Masterpiece 

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’ve thrown an enormous amount of shade at Paul this season. I was not a fan of his last season and not much has changedHowever, I have realized that the majority of the problems I have with Paul, may not be his fault. For instance, it’s not his fault that the sheep in the house flock to him and hold on to his every word. Also, it’s not his fault that certain houseguests would rather play his game than their own. Although my feelings for Paul have not changed, I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t playing a great game this season. 

Paul has had the majority of the house wrapped around his fingers since day one. To the point where I’m almost convinced that one of them would self-evict if Paul told him to (I’m looking at you, Matt). Every move Paul has made since coming into the house has been the right one. Whether it was getting the house to flip on Jessica and Cody (twice), or secretly aligning with Alex. Every move he has made has be well thought out and will benefit him down the road in this game. As Big Brother fans, whether you like him or not, you have to respect his gameplay so far this season. 

It’s obvious that Paul has the best social game in the house. We’ve already seen him make big move after big move, but I’m convinced we just saw his masterpiece. 

On Sunday’s episode of Big Brother, there was a clip of Paul and Elena talking strategy in the HOH room. Paul was telling Elena how his backup plan—if Jessica and Cody were safe from eviction due to the temptation—was to send Mark home. He explained to her how being in a “showmance” with Mark was hurting her chances of succeeding in the game. This is how the conversation ended:

​Paul has such a way with words that, even after he left Elena and Mark out on the Ramses blindside, he has still made Elena doubt her relationship with Mark. She is contemplating flipping on Mark and becoming another one of Paul’s Minions. Incredible. 

Say what you want about Paul, but you can not deny that he has played one hell of a game so far. Every move is so well-calculated making him the clear favorite to win this season of Big Brother

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