Dean Is Gross, But The Ladies Still Love Him

If you can do something this gross and the ladies still love you, my friend, you’re winning at life. Sticking gum behind your ear, putting it back in your mouth, and swallowing it is a gateway gross habit. Next thing we know, Dean will be eating boogers and clipping his toenails at the dinner table. The ironic part about all of this is, he can do all of that and women will still be drooling over him. Respect.
We posted this video on twitter minutes after it happened and an overwhelming amount of responses poured into our mentions.

Of course, in usual Twitter fashion, the trolls came out to play:

Things even got pretty dark for a minute. The tweet said “gum” not “gun.”

Put the gun down and slowly back away, Lucas. 

More Dean love:

Dean can literally do no wrong in Suz’s eyes:

But, MZ on the other hand…

Ok. This one is just funny:

Even Dean, himself, got in on the fun:

The responses continue to pour in this morning. I never imagined a video I took of my TV, from my phone, would get this much attention, but here we are. 

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