Team Javi- Kailyn is the worst

MTV spoiled us last night with two hours of new Teen Mom 2. So here’s what we saw happen last night!

Jenelle- It was so refreshing to see Jenelle and Babs get along for parts of an episode which seems to be far and few between. Jenelle invited her to a baby shower dinner with close friends and family.  However, with David’s constant input on how she doesn’t even need to talk to her mom, the fighting commenced about where to meet to exchange Jace. Jenelle gave birth to her third baby, Ensley Jolie. David surprised Jenelle with a proposal on top of a mountain. 

Chelsea-Cole stole the show this week. Aubree had been hearing things and he helped her make ghost spray and sprayed down the house. He also escorted to another Father Daughter dance, while Adam didn’t even respond to the text about it. Aubree didn’t seem to mind much. Cole just makes my heart melt ❤️ Chelsea also finally got to the bottom of Aubree’s “crabby behavior” with Aubree trying to say maybe she is just tired sometimes (I feel you girl!), but admiring she’s jealous of Cole and her mom having fun with Watson while she’s asleep. 

Briana- Briana called an adoption agency to discuss her options. However, Luis is still against it, but did agree to meet with someone with her. Luis isn’t the only one against it, Nova also said she wouldn’t understand if her mom gave the baby away.    I can’t blame her for looking at options seeing how Luis did screw up royally and Devion clearly still doesn’t have his shit together 5-6 years later as Briana pointed out. Devion did make an appearance where he showed up 6 hours late to watch Nova and only stayed for 2 hours. Luis seems like a large step up, but trust was certainly lost when he cheated on her.  

Leah- Leah was once again quiet this episode. Addie is shown throwing fits when leaving Jeremy. Jeremy and his girlfriend at the time read into it and wonder why she doesn’t want to go home. My take on it is that Addie so rarely gets to see Jeremy she doesn’t want to leave and that it had nothing to do with her life at home or Leah.  Jeremy tells Leah he and Brooke broke up basically because she was jealous of Leah. 

And finally the one and only awful Kailyn. 

Never would I think that Kailyn would outshine Jenelle with how awful she is but here we are. Kailyn shares with Jo that she’s pregnant and that she is going to film about it but hasn’t told Javi because she’s afraid he will sell the story to the press. What she doesn’t know is that Javi knows she pregnant with the same guy he found her with before their divorce when she claimed they were just friends. Kailyn openly said they weren’t preventing the pregnancy and according to Javi it happened a month after their divorce. Icing on the cake, Kailyn filed a Protection From Abuse against Javi because he threatened to come over to her house because he was pissed, rightfully so. She also tried to claim that Issac seems scared when Javi comes over. I’m calling BS on it all. Sure Javi might not be all sweet and innocent, but he also isn’t working on his third kid with a third girl so I’m siding with Javi on this one! 

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about last nights double episode!

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