An Interesting Team Selection Leads To A Lopsided Challenge

I’m no expert on matters of choosing teams for a challenge. With that being said, picking smaller, more agile players might not be the best decision when competing in a physical challenge. This is exactly what we witnessed go down in the latest episode of The Challenge: The Dirty Thirty. 

“Battle Royale”

In this challenge, each team would start on their own end of a narrow hallway and fight to get through to the other team’s side. On the other team’s side, there were rings that the challengers would have to take back through the hallway and return to their side. First team to return all five of their rings wins. 

An old-fashioned headbanger. One would think that with a challenge this physical, you would want the bigger, stronger players on your team. Right? Well, one team captain thought differently. 

Kailah was drawn as captain of the Blue Team where she came up with one of the most bizzare strategies for a physical challenge that I have ever seen. In a challenge that was based on strength and physicality, Kailah went with a smaller, quicker team. Smaller and faster players will get to the rings first, right? About that…

Speed and agility are ZERO help to you in this challenge when CT is clogging up the entire hallway with his giant, but beautiful, dad bod!


​Even with The Challenge greats, Derrick and Johnny Bananas, the Blue Team was outmatched in this challenge from the jump. A wild strategy by Kailah that ended the way everyone, but her, expected it to. A Green Team victory. 

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