The One Where Jessica Became A Badass

Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother was a picture perfect showing of why this show dominates TV ratings every summer. Drama, fighting, humor, competition, you name it. The latest episode included off of the above. 

I won’t go to in depth about the Mark/Josh and Cody/Paul fights because we have already blogged about them. However, the fallout from the fight between Cody and Paul was as good as it gets.

Jessica grew extremely frustrated with Cody because of his behavior during the fight. Telling Cody that she could not be with a “hothead” like him that tries to fight every person who argues with her in the real world. Good for Jessica. I’ve said this since the first day Cody came back to the house, he is terrible for Jessica’s game. After Cody was evicted, Jessica was able to start reconnecting with the houseguests and strengthening her social game. As soon as Cody came back, every ounce of work she put in to repairing her social game was thrown out the window and she was back to square one.

It does seem like there is trouble in paradise when it comes to “Jody.” Could a possible showmance breakup be upon us? One houseguest seems to think so. 

The #ShowmanceKiller is back and is efforting to make some big time moves when it comes to the future of Jessica’s game. 

I’ve said this a billion times before, although I am not a fan of his, Paul is very good at this game. I’ll admit that every time, with no argument. “Puppet Master” Paul noticed that Jessica and Cody were falling on hard times, so he put Jessica’s strings on his fingers an tried to make this puppet dance.

Paul explained to Jessica that if she did not use the Halting Hex, she would be safe and Cody would go home this week. Jessica seemed to be interested in Paul’s proposal. However, this puppet didn’t dance for free. Jessica told Paul that the ONLY way she would not use the Halting Hex was if she was guaranteed safety for the next two weeks AND that Alex would be evicted during one of them. If she heard a shred of evidence that neither would happen, she would use the Halting Hex to save herself and Cody this week.

Thus, a badass was born in the Big Brother house.

Paul may have 90% of the house dancing from his fingers free of charge, but Jessica is having none that. It will be interesting to see how the live eviction goes down tonight. 

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