Who Does Josh Think He’s Fooling?

Have we finally reached a point in the game where one of Paul’s “minions” is actually going to play his own game, instead of Paul’s? On the latest episode of Big Brother, Josh made it clear who he wanted out of the house. It wasn’t who we expected though.

After many clips of Paul and Josh talking strategy in the HOH room, it was clear that Paul wanted Jessica and Cody back on the block this week. Josh had a different agenda, or so he says. Josh listened to Paul’s requests and agreed with him face to face, but behind closed doors, Josh’s target this week was Elena.

Cody won the Temptation competition securing his safety for the week. While, Jessica threw the competition putting herself on the block and guaranteeing a spot in the veto competition. A perfectly executed plan from Jody that put a wrinkle in Paul’s strategy. With Cody safe, Josh saw his opening to target Elena and pounced on it. Josh nominated Elena and Mark, alongside Jessica, for eviction this week. My only question, who does Josh think he’s fooling?

He may be talking a big game in the Diary Room and behind closed doors—without Paul being present—about Elena being his target this week, but I would be absolutely shocked if Jessica doesn’t win the veto and stays in the house. Sunday night’s episode was just another FANTASTIC editing job by CBS to build suspense during a very predictable week. Come Thursday, if Jessica is still on the block, she’s going home.

I want to believe Josh when he says it’s “his HOH,” but I just can’t. Not with how Paul has been controlling him, and most of the house, the entire game. Hell, I might even become a Josh fan if he is the first “minion” to grow a set, go against Paul’s orders, and start playing his own game. I just can’t believe it’s going to happen until I actually see it.

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