Worst Finale Ever-Crowd Says Yes 

The Bachelorette came to a crowd disappointing hault tonight. Rachel first got rid of Eric before diving into Peter’s “lack of commitment”. Rachel wanted a proposal and Peter wasnr ready because well it’s been only two months. I see Rachel’s point on why come on this show if this isn’t something you would do. However, Peter was willing to go against everything he believed to be with her, but instead was left staring at her eyelashes that she cried off, for two days. The “breakup” was incredibly awkward and passionate, because that’s a thing? They made out, said I love you and parted ways and left fans everywhere confused as hell waiting for the “just kidding” that never came. 
When Rachel had to face Peter on the live show it’s clear there’s still feelings there and Peter is still heartbroken. How does Rachel handle it? Like a witch with little class. She was very rude to Peter and felt dismissive about his feelings. 
Which leads us to the conclusion of the only choice left. Bryan. Rachel chooses Bryan if that’s what we’re calling it. To me it seems incredibly forced and maybe like a second choice, but none the less they are together and engaged and seem happy, even if lots of fans think it’s fake. Best wishes to the new couple! 
I think it’s safe to say we’re all hoping for a better season next time around and now we’re onto Bachelor in Paradise 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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