“Run It By Paul First”

This season of Big Brother has been the same song, on repeat, over and over again, preformed by the sheep in the house. Let’s title the song, “Run It By Paul First.”

Every single houseguest that has been evicted—outside of Cameron who went home the first night—has been from Paul’s influence. Every single HOH that has been won, the nominations and evicted houseguests have been orchestrated by Paul. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look.

Week 2 (HOH: Cody) – Jillian was evicted because Cody nominated Paul—who had a temptation of safety—leaving him to put Christmas on the block. Paul wanted Christmas safe, so she was.

Week 3 (HOH: the sheep THREW the HOH to Paul) – Paul backdoors Cody to evict him.

Week 4 (HOH: Alex) – Paul wanted Dominique evicted, Alex went through with Paul’s plan.

Week 5 (HOH: Jessica) – This one was as much on Jessica as it was on Paul. Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses, won veto, and kept the nominations the same. Paul knew that Josh was a number on their side, so he convinced the house to blindside Jody and evict Ramses.

Week 6 (HOH: Paul actually wins this one on his own) – Nominates Jessica and Cody. Jessica uses the Halting Hex temptation and the week is meaningless.

Week 7 (HOH: Josh) – Cody wins safety in the Temptation Competition. Jessica throws the comp securing a spot in the veto competition. Josh nominates Mark and Elena, alongside Jessica, with his target being Elena. Silly Josh. Only Paul is allowed to have a target in this game. Paul’s target was Jessica, Jessica went home.

Week 8 (HOH: Alex) – Alex has said, multiple times, that she wanted to target one of the showmances. We all know how this is going to go down. If Cody’s chip doesn’t get picked for veto, he’s evicted. Why? Because that’s what Paul wants.

There is no question who is playing the best game this season, it’s Paul. You can’t argue that. My hat is off too him. He has won every HOH this season, figuratively speaking. I just wonder if the sheep will ever realize that they are being played like a fiddle and are simply handing him $500,000. Will they ever start to play their own game? At this point, they will all be in jury and Paul will win this game in a landslide vote.

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