Bachelor In Paradise Starts With A Bang

If you missed last nights episode or want a recap before the special episode of Carly and Evan’s wedding and all the contestants return to paradise after the scandal you’re in the right place. 

In total 9 girls and 12 boys arrived in Paradise. 

The first date was kicked off by Kristina (the Russian) asking Dean on the first date of dinner and dancing. They hit it off and seem to be a couple going into the first rose ceremony. 

Wells is announced to be taking Jorge’s place as the bartender and we can all agree it won’t be the same. We will miss you Jorge!

Lacey (Nick’s season and recognized by few) had a connection with Iggy but unfortunately her grandfather passed away and she is gone for now. 

Robby makes his appearance as the last one and ends up taking Raven on his date to jet ski . While he was feeling it, she was quoted saying “Everytime he touches his hair I drank” and “It’s not going to work, you’re prettier than me”. Corrine was also spotted doing her best Robby impression and he was left up for grabs at the end of the episode. 

The last date of the night was given to Matt (penguin from Rachel’s season)and he picked Jasmine. They went to a drag bar where Matt got to dress up and go on stage. 

Before the hault before the rose ceremony because of the allegations regarding DeMario and Corinne, here are the couples that were pretty locked going into the ceremony and the ones that are still up in the air with girls giving out the roses. 

Taylor (RBF) is going to pick Derek (JoJo’s season)

Raven is likely to pick Ben Z (Kaitlyns season)

Amanda (America’s sweetheart engaged last season to Josh) is likely to pick Alex (short angry Marine). Between me and you, she could do better. 

Kristina is giving her rose to Dean. 

Jasmine is giving her rose to Matt. 

Danielle (Nick’s season)  is giving her rose to Jack Stone. 

With Corinne obviously leaving, which sucks because she was going to pick Vinny and I love him, it leaves Alexis (dolphin/shark girl) to pick from 5 guys being Robby, Nick (Santa), Vinny, Diggy (Rachel’s season) and Iggy (Rachel’s season). Alexis is an absolute wildcard with no real connection so stay tuned. 

Tune in tonight for a special episode showing Evan and Carly getting married and all the contestants returning to paradise minus Corinne and DeMario. 

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