Drugs, Adoption Feuds and School 

Another episode of Teen Mom 2 had come and gone. This episode wasn’t too exciting in my opinion, but he’s my recap. 

Jenelle- Jenelle, David and the kids finally move into their new house, but David stresses over all the clutter and mess that comes with moving and unpacking. Jenelle once again claims she “doesn’t know what to do” because Kaiser is crying. His a toddler and apparently every tantrum he throws is an excuse for her “lose it”. She also fights with David because she wants to go to gym, but can’t because she has Ensley. 

Briana- Briana takes Nove to get her hair straightened and she looks totally differebt. Devion comes over again and seems to “be making more of an effort”. Briana and Brittany go to an adoption agency to meet with a case worker to find out exactly what would happen with Luis still not on board. Basically they are told if Luis disagrees, he has 30 days to comply with the agency by showing support for Briana or he loses his parental rights. They meet up after the meeting and Luis still isn’t agreeing with adoption and wants to make things works with Briana. They seem to be on totally different pages. 

Kailyn- Kailyn is shown video chatting with Chris, her new baby daddy, without showing his face and she makes a big deal that he says hi to her two friends even though “he hates people”. Kailyn is falling behind in classes and in order to graduate this semester she is making up a lot of work. Kailyn is quoted saying “I’m gonna help me” referring to her not depending on Chris to help with the baby. To me this is the problem. She thinks she’s too independent and keeps falling into the same cycle with the wrong guys. 

Leah- Leah is struggling with the toll school is taking on her. She reaches out to Kailyn to get advice and Kailyn tells her it’s all worth it. Leah talks to an advisor about taking online classs because the hour commute is just too much. She sends up breaking down and crying in the meeting because she wants this so bad and wants to be successful for her and her girls. 

Chelsea- Aubree goes to Adam’s parents for the first time since the failed drug test and we don’t find out much about the visit except she got icecream and went on a slip and slide.  Chelsea and Taylor talk about how shocked and sad they are that they were actually right about Adam’s drug addiction. Adam’s girlfriend claims the test was a fluke and Chelsea is worried that no one, including his parents, at taking his problem seriously. 

This weeks ranking




Kailyn (she moved up because of her ambition and advice to Leah. However she really needs to figure her stuff out)


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