Barbie Beast Is Back!

Let me just start off by saying…DAAAAMN! Jenna put on a clinic tonight! One of the most dominating performances I’ve seen since I started watching The Challenge. Rolling, tossing, and KICKING her competition off the platform with no regard for human life.

In round one, Jenna squared off with Briana. A matchup that had me torn. I hoped that one of these two would make it back into the game. While the two facing each other round one secures at least one of them going to the final, if I had it my way, they would’ve faced each other in the final guaranteeing at least one of them a spot back in The Challenge. Oh well, didn’t work out that way. Jenna wasted no time with the undersized and outmatched Briana, rolling her off of the platform quickly. Briana, you’re still my girl, but the cards were stacked against you from the jump in this one. Thank you for at least leaving us with an all-time quote.​

​Amanda defeated LaToya on the other side of the bracket to set up the final. This was a vintage Challenge elimination. An old-fashioned knock ’em down, drag ’em out cat fight. 

Forty-five minutes is INSANE! Kudos to both Jenna and Amanda, I would’ve died after five (yes, I’m slightly out of shape). Jenna must have been fed up at around the forty-four minute mark because she literally started kicking the shit out of Amanda until she fell off the platform.​

​An absolutely dominating performance from the Beast Mode Barbie!

On the guy’s side, Darrell and Tony eliminated Devin and Derrick H in the first round. In the final round, Darrell dominated Tony the entire time on the platform. Tony, hanging off of the edge, grabs Darrell as he was falling down and Darrell hits the water first. A HUGE upset. I’ve spent the last two weeks bashing Tony because he can’t win anything and now he goes out and beats Darrell!? Unreal. I would’ve lost my whole life’s savings if I bet on that challenge. Kudos, Tony. Welcome back. 

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