ABC, I’m About to Give You Good TV

Two crazy nights of Bachelor in Paradise and here’s my recap. 

Night one there were a few new additions 

Dominque comes in a chooses Diggy for a date. They hit it off and are basically and instant couple. So no waves there besides Lacey being a little upset. 

However, Christin arrives and does stir up a lot of drama. Matt sneaks off behind Jasmyne’s back and basically asks to go on the date with Christin and she gives him a what she wants. Obviously, Jasmyne did not take this well. Ultimately Matt decided Paradise isn’t right for him and he decides to leave on night two. 

Finishing up night one, Derek and Taylor have their first fight because Derek said “f you” to Taylor which really bothered her because of past relationships. 

Night 2. 

Another new arrival, Daniel. Lacey literately jumps on him when he arrives which is only slightly creepy. 

Rose ceremony. 

Daniel picks Lacey despite the creepiness. 

Jack Stone picks Christin. 

Derek obviously picks Taylor. 

Robby after finally getting a kiss, picks Amanda. 

Diggy picks Dominique. 

Now for the love triangles. 

Adam decides to pick Raven over Sarah. 

Dean picks Kristina over D-Lo which is ill quickly end. 

Ben shockingly picks D-Lo which is bound to cause problems. 

Daniel takes Lacey on a date. They hit it off, but clearly have different motives. Lacey wants love, Daniel wants to “score in the bedroom”. 

Dean tells Kristina he wants to explore his options, in other words contribute to screw her over. 

Another new arrival in Paradise, Jonathan aka tickle monster. He chooses to take Christin on a date ruffling feathers with Jack Stone. 

Finally, the interview we have all been waiting for. 

Corinne explains that she doesn’t remember most of the first day due to drinking to much and being on medication she shouldn’t be drinking on, though she didn’t know this at the time. Corinne says she doesn’t think DeMario did anything wrong, which I found refreshing and surprising to hear. 

I’ll be the first admit I am not a Corinne fan. However, after this interview I have huge respect for her and feel horrible that she had to endure this horrible situation. 

There you have it. Two crazy nights of Bachelor in Paradise wrapped up for your viewing pleasure. 

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