The Cookies Stole The Show

Season six of Catfish wrapped up tonight with an episode that still has my brain in a pretzel. Not because Caitlyn approached Nev and Max in person at a Worcester, MA restaurant, instead of emailing them, asking them to help her find Kenton. Not because “Kenton” was actually Kenton, and not a catfish. My brain is more tangled than earbuds in the front pocket of your jeans because of a two jars of cookies. Yes, you heard that right, cookies.

I understand that you want to make sure your house is spotless if MTV were coming over. No one wants the world to think they are a mess. But, Nev and Max made three appearances at Caitlyn’s house and in all three appearances production made a point to show Caitlyn’s cookie jars. I don’t know what the plan was behind it, but we noticed.



Taking Oreos out of the sleeve and neatly stacking them in a cookie jar is a legit crazy person move. The amount of unnecessary work you put on yourself to do something like that is outrageous. Why? I simply don’t get it. Like I said, I understand that you want your house to be clean if it’s going to be on national television, but this is going above and beyond.

I apologize for not having a full episode recap, but I was simply too distracted by the cookies the whole time that I honestly only payed attention to about half of the episode. From what I understood, Kenton was actually who he said he was, except for the part where he was not really Nev’s personal trainer. He seemed like a pretty big asshole, if you ask me. Talking to multiple girls besides Caitlyn, getting mad at Caitlyn for not responding to his text. Caitlyn is a single mom with a full-time job. She’s busy, buddy. 

Ultimately, Kenton flew out to Worcester to meet Caitlyn and that’s pretty much where the story ended. The meeting was full of tears and frustration with one another, which eventually lead to them simply cutting ties. They did, however, leave us with the most AWKWARD goodbye in the history of Catfish.

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