‘AYTO’ Season Six Cast Member Is A Mila Kunis Doppelgänger

The Are You The One? Twitter account posted this picture yesterday of season 6 cast member, Geles Ann Rodriguez, and I immediately recognized that she looked like someone that I’ve seen before. It didn’t take long to realize that Geles was a Mila Kunis doppelgänger. Although there are some noticible differences between the two, all I could think was “she looks just like Mila Kunis” every time I looked at this picture. So, I did some investigating.

During my investigation, I found that it was all in the eyes. Geles and Mila have the EXACT same eyes. The type of eyes where they could be the sweetest, most innocent girl in the world one moment, then rip your head completely off the next. HOT!

Are You The One? returns for its sixth season on September 20 at 10/9c. If a Mila Kunis doppelgänger doesn’t get you excited for the new season, I don’t know what will.

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