Trivia And Foreshadowing

This week’s episode of The Challenge included everyone’s favorite challenge, “Trivia.” A challenge where some impress us with their intelligence and others reassure us what they lack in that department.

Apparently, Hunter and Kailah have not been paying attention to previous “Trivia” challenges. They picked the order because they won the last elimination and they completely screwed themselves. The two put every challenger who would give them an “X” in the front of the order banking on them getting the answers wrong. BACKFIRE! Hunter was out of the challenge before he even got asked a question and Kailah only answered one question before being dropped to the water.

Kailah and Hunter: “We had the worst performance in this challenge.”

Nelson: “HAHAHA. Hold my beer.”​​​

This video doesn’t exist
​Nelson is a bouncer at a club…in Austin! Nelson not knowing that the city he works in is the capital of the state he lives in is the least surprising thing ever. I have honestly been out on Nelson in every season he’s been on, until now. He is so serious and innocently clueless in every one of his interviews that I find him absolutely hilarious. I’m all in on Nelson these days.

Nonetheless, Camila and Tony eventually won the “Trivia” challenge. Raise your hand if you saw that one coming…No one? Ok.

Speaking of Tony. After the challenge, he was shown on the phone with his girlfriend telling her how much he loved her and missed her. Tony was also telling Bananas that if he won The Challenge this season he planned on using the money to by a ring to propose to his girlfriend. Like Hunter and Kailah’s challenge order, BACKFIRE!

At the end of the episode, Tony was spotted drunkenly making out with Camila on the back of the bus after the bar.

Spinzone: Tony doesn’t have to worry about spending his winnings on a ring anymore. He can now spend it on himself. Buy a car, a house, or any other luxury item that he has always wanted…Hold up. Nevermind. Unfortunately for Tony, If he wins that $1 million prize, his monthly child support check will be through the roof. Tough break for Tony-2-kids.

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