Double Eviction: Round 2

Tonight’s second Double Eviction of the season could be the end of the road for a houseguest that I’ve really came around on since the show began, Josh. No, I wouldn’t by any means consider myself a “fan” of his (because he was a legit asshole at the beginning of the season).

However, Josh has made significant strides in his social game and has shown that he might have what it takes to win Big Brother. That may be his downfall in tonight’s Double Eviction.

On the previous episode, Josh was shown — multiple times — telling Christmas that he felt Paul was making moves that were only beneficial to his game. Obviously, Josh was referring to Paul using the veto to take Alex off the block forcing Christmas and Josh to look like the villains and making Paul look like the hero.

Josh is not wrong. Paul is only looking out for himself and his jury votes. One BIG problem. Paul has ears all over the house. Any and everything that is said, or done, he will find out about it and Josh is a big reason why that is possible. I think it’s safe to say that Josh is the leader of the sheep — who all answer to Paul, of course. So, Josh has no one but himself to blame when Paul finds out that he is trying to blow up his game.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Paul will find out about this. The question is, when? If he finds out before tonight’s Double Eviction, the only way Josh survives the night is if he wins HOH. With Christmas being the current HOH and not allowed to compete for the next one, Josh has only himself. Let’s face it, if anyone else wins HOH — Raven, Alex, Kevin, or Jason — Paul WILL convince them to target Josh. We haven’t been proven otherwise yet this season.

I don’t know if it’s that Paul is just that good, or the other houseguests are just that dumb. Regardless, Paul is going to win this season of Big Brother.

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