Jada Is Emerging As My Preseason Favorite ‘AYTO’ Season 6 Cast Member

I’ll be honest, I have a soft spot for Geles to be my preseason favorite cast member of AYTO Season 6. After all, she is the only one who follows us on any of our social media accounts (hint hint: rest of cast). However, Jada is slowly emerging as a contender to take that title away from Geles.

AYTO has released two videos for the upcoming season and in both, Jada’s appearances have been absolutely electric.

In the first video—the trailer—Jada showed us that its probably not the best idea to be on her bad side.

I mean, what AYTO fan doesn’t enjoy a violently epic meltdown? I’m here for it.

The second video—Shady Dating—Jada proves that she is the ultimate savage. Take a look for yourself.

This video doesn’t exist

Watch your back, Geles. Jada is coming for that crown!

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