The Summer That Almost Didn’t Happen, Comes to a Close

Fantasy suites are here and some couples choose to go and others are a bit more complicated. 

Christen chooses not to go on a date with Jack Stone, because he’s either clearly more interested or she’s just not ready for a relationship. 

Jonathon chooses to mutually part was with  Jasmine. 

And for the bomb… wishy washy Dean decides he loves Kristina and chooses to leave without DLo. 

Jamie decides she is not feeling it with Diggy enough to leave with him. 

Amanda doesn’t see it working in the real world with Robby and decides to leave alone. Robby is crushed, rightfully so. Amanda led him on for sure. 

Now on to the juiciness. Three couples chose to go on the fantasy suite dates. 

Lacey and Daniel

Lacey confesses she’s falling for Daniel and Daniel returns the feelings and they agree to leave in a relationship. Strangely cute, but I still can’t read them. Off to the fantasy suite they go. 

Taylor and Derek

Taylor basically says she needs to have sex with Derek to see if she can reciprocate his feeling of love. Puts a lot of pressure on Derek, but go get your girl! 

Raven and Adam

Adam voices that he could fall in love with Raven. Raven is scared out of her mind though, and is getting in her own way of finding love. 
Reunion show comes in clutch clearing up all the unanswered questions. 

Corinne and DeMario come face to face for the first time. They wish each other the best and seem to be in better places. 

Dean being the most loved on the show in the beginning is boo’d on the reunion. He’s put on the hotseat and he’s still in love with Kristina. However, she realizes she deserves better. So for now that’s the end for these two. 

Amanda explains that she did date Robby for a little while after the show, but are no longer together. A picture surfaced of him “making out” with another girl, though he claims it was false. That’s the end to Ken and Barbie. 

Lacey and Daniel don’t make it. Shocker. Daniel wasn’t into her the way she was into him. They met up after the show for an hour and “they are never ever ever getting back together” says Lacey aka Tswift. 

Raven and Adam are still going strong!! They have been traveling together and she says “everyone deserves an Adam”. Adam is put in the spotlight to meet Raven’s parents for the first time on national television. I for one am so excited to see Raven so happy ❤️

And to close out this season of Bachelor in Paradise…

Derek and Taylor are still madly in love. I mean just look at how smitten she is. 

After they have sex, which was important to her its very clear they are both in love leaving Paradise. After Paradise they both went back to Seattle. 

And here you have it, the grand finale!!!

We have a proposal and engagement because SHE SAYS YES! 

For the first time in a long time, I feel confident about a Bachelor Nation couple. Congrats to Derek and Taylor! 
Until next season! 

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