Too Little, Too Late For Alex

​Congratulations, Alex. It took you until final five to figure out something that Cody figured out in one night.

Of course everything Paul does is calculated. He’s good! He’s played this game before and knows what it takes to get to the end. I can’t even feel bad for her. She played a significant role in Paul controlling the house. Week after week, she bought into his strategy. Helping Paul send home houseguest after houseguest that benefited only his game. I mean damn, Alex won three HOHs this season and all three times Paul convinced her to send home his  target. Her, and the other sheep, followed Paul to the end of the cliff and, one by one, he pushed them off. 

As good as Paul has played, there is still a chance he doesn’t win even if he makes it to final two. It doesn’t seem like too many jury members are #TeamPaul anymore. It will all come down to whether they vote emotionally or rationally. Does Paul deserve to win? Yes. Could I see an instance where the jury is out for revenge and votes for whoever Paul is against? Absolutely. 

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