This Might Be The Best ‘Big Brother’ Mashup Video Of All-Time

Just when I thought I was done blogging about Big Brother 19, the internet gods drop an atomic bomb on us the day after the finale! This might be the funniest/saddest video mashup of all-time. Paul’s reaction was the exact same in both of his 5-4 Big Brother losses. One hand on his forehead, unable to watch as Julie pulls the final key and announces that he has been defeated—not once, but twice. A very relatable reaction, nonetheless.

Heartbreaking, yet hysterical, all at the same time.

How wild is it to think that Paul was TWO votes away from making $1,000,000 by playing a game for a total of 191 days? Granted, he wouldn’t have been invited back for another season had he won Big Brother 18, but you get the point.

All credit for the video goes to @bigbrotherparties on Instagram. If you’re a Big Brother fan, go give them a follow.

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