Survivor Season Premiere- First Impressions

Survivor kicked off tonight and after 35 seasons I’m still all in. Here’s the quick recap of what happened. 
The ship is full of supplies. Ryan gets a secret advantage. It’s a super immunity idol only good for the first tribal council. Healers win a fire kit, heroes win flint and hustlers win nothing. Early alliances began forming, but only time will tell if it lasts. The first immunity went to the healers, second immunity with to the hustlers. Since Ryan was unable to use the super immunity idol he had to give it to someone on the heroes tribe. He gave it to Chrissy. This idol can be played after the votes are revealed. Paranioa hit Alan hard, but Katrina is the first one to be voted out and Chrissy chooses not to save her… dumb. 

Here is my first impression of all of this years contestants based on nothing except this first episode. 

Heroes tribe


Alan’a paranioa will get the best of him and he will shoot himself in the foot. I would be shocked if he makes it to jury. 


He is a hot commodity and it seems everyone wants to be aligned with him. I would choose an ex-Marine to align myself with too so who can blame them? 


He already has a beginning showmance with Ashley and the whole Rob and Amber thing is hardly every recreated. People will catch on and he will go home early or Ashley will. 


Poor Chrissy. She’s older and we all know how that goes. Instant outsider, but I think she might have what it takes to find a way to fit in. 


Aligns herself with a cute boy. Gets carried along until people catch on. Goes home. 


The first evicted which could be predicted. Instant outsider due to age. 

Healers tribe 


Pretty boy wonder. Previews show a budding romance so there goes his game. 👋


Shown in previews to start a showmance with Cole. Will get carried along for a while and then people will catch on. 


Shown very little but seems too trusting. 


Wants to Russell Hantz. Can’t be Russell Hantz. Best of luck to him but I don’t see him making it far. He’s too pushy and a bully too early on. 


Quirky and awkward and will have a hard time building an alliance. 



Hustlers tribe


Chill surfer guy who aligns himself with the nerdy guy (Ryan) instead of a younger girl 🙌🏼 I put him as a front runner as long as he doesn’t put a physical target on himself too early on. 


Claims to already trust Ali which is super risky on day one. Good luck with that. 


Seems a little prissy and might mentally break down at some point but seems really intelligent. 


Seems like someone I would love to align with, but probably will have a hard time building an alliance at first. If she can find a few people to trust she might make it far. 


He wants to be Cochran, but there’s only one. However it appears he’s smart, but equally as awkward. I have high hopes for him this season especially if his alliance with Devon works out. 



See you next week! 

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