Matchup Ceremony Madness, Anthony And Geles To The Truth Booth

FINALLY! Finally, we get a challenge, dates, matchup ceremony, and a Truth Bo…well, kind of. I was very confused after the season premiere when there was no matchup ceremony, but apparently the same editing crew that works on The Challenge has made its way to AYTO. What ever happened to challenge, dates, Truth Booth, matchup ceremony? I feel like that was always the norm on every episode in previous seasons.

OK, I’m done bitching. Let’s recap.

My man, Malcolm, was back at it again this week. Diandra caught him making out with Nurys at the pirate party — which wasn’t difficult seeing that he did it right in front of her. Diandra got pissed, left the party, and went outside to do her best Rocky impression.

One week in and people are already marking their territory like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant. At the first matchup ceremony of the season, it’s safe to say things got a little heated. Malcolm, being in the love triangle that he’s in, decided to choose Nurys as his perfect match. Which didn’t sit well with Diandra. Emoney picked Jada as his perfect match and Jada told Terrence J that she would rather be standing next to Clinton but someone else was in the way (Uche). Chaos throughout the initial matchup ceremony. Even with all of that, the cast was still able to light up three out of eleven beams. Not bad for the first week.

Onto the challenge. The guys had to shoot a bow and arrow at balloons with descriptions of each girl. The first three to hit win a date with the girl’s ballon they popped. This was a challenge set up perfectly for a guy dressed like Keith to win. Right up his alley.

Keith not winning a date on this challenge might go down as the biggest upset this season. Shad won a date with Uche — and was caught saying “I don’t even know who that is” immediately after. Joe won a date with Alexis — they made out, Alexis told Keith, and I’m pretty sure that fling is over with. Finally, Anthony won a date with Geles — which was the obvious pick for the Truth Booth. If Anthony and Geles are not a perfect match, I won’t get one right this entire season. I’ve never been so sure about a couple so early in any of the six seasons of the show. They HAVE to be a perfect match. It only makes sense.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger. Anthony and Geles walking into the Truth Booth and…wait a whole week to find out what happens next. Why do you do this to us, AYTO!? All in all, a very entertaining episode.

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