Another Possible Spoiler From MTV

Last Friday night, The Challenge posted this video on their Instagram page showing us how “wild” things got in Redemption House 3.0. At one point, Dario aimed the camera at the Jenga blocks on the table and you can clearly see a leg behind it. Maybe it’s a camera operator. Maybe it’s someone from production/security. OR maybe it’s another spoiler?

Let’s break it down.

The leg can’t possibly belong to Jordan or Tony because they were part of the winning team during the challenge that got to choose who went to the Redemption House.

It can’t be Leroy’s, well, because it’s a white leg.

So, that leaves Bananas, CT, Hunter, or Derrick.

But wait, there’s more! The Challenge doubled down by tweeting out a picture of Jordan, Tony, Leroy and Bananas with dirty clothes — leading me to believe it was after the challenge.

Bananas wouldn’t possibly be smiling for a picture with Tony and Jordan after they just sent him to the Redemption House, would he? Doubt it.

At the end of last week’s episode, Jordan was shown saying that he didn’t want to give a particular guy two shots at coming back to the game. They’re trying like hell to tell us (without actually telling us) that CT gets sent to Redemption House 3.0.

First, it was the Hunter beating Cory spoiler. Next, the Anthony and Geles not being a Perfect Match spoiler on AYTO. Now, this? Get your shit together, MTV.

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