Don’t Sleep On Hunter

This was, hands down, the best episode of The Challenge this season.  Drama, blindsides, an old-fashioned head banger of an elimination, everything you could want from an episode — except an actual challenge, but beggars can’t be choosers.


We picked up right where we left off from the previous episode where Jordan, Tony, Veronica, Britni, and Kailah were left to decide one guy and one girl to send into the Redemption House. To no surprise, CT was the guy sent in because “he is just too good to give two opportunities to remain in the game.” Don’t want to toot my own horn here, but…toot toot! Called it. I had a bad feeling that CT was, in fact, the guy sent to the Redemption House from those subtle spoilers. If we’ve learned one thing from all the years of watching CT on The Challenge, you don’t want to make him mad:​

​Cara Maria was the girl that was chosen to go to the Redemption House, pretty much for the same reason as CT was.


Pour gasoline on everything an light the match! The most intense nomination of the season. Jemmye was voted into the elimination with a 4-1 vote — Britni using a “burn vote” on Jenna. During the vote to send a guy in, things got interesting.

  • Jordan voted Hunter
  • Britni thought she was using another “burn vote” and voted Leroy
  • Tony voted Derrick
  • Kailah voted Hunter

Two votes for Hunter, one vote a piece for Derrick and Leroy. That’s when Veronica turned the house completely on it’s head. Britni’s “burn vote” came back to burn her ass when Veronica went rouge and also voted for Leroy.

Veronica: *thinking* “Don’t do that, you’re just going to stir the pot.”

Also Veronica:TJ explained to the winning team that because Hunter and Leroy were tied with two votes a piece, they would re-vote between those two. If they couldn’t come to a decision, they would all be sent into the Double Cross instead of the losing teams.

Second vote:

  • Jordan voted Hunter
  • Britni voted Leroy
  • Tony voted Leroy
  • Kailah voted Hunter
  • Veronica voted Leroy

Leroy would join Jemmye in the elimination with a 3-2 vote.


An old-fashioned head banger! The challengers would have to run through a wall, colliding with each other in the process, ring a bell, run back through another wall, and ring the final bell.

In backwards fashion, guys were up first. Hunter, Bananas, and Derrick all participated in the Double Cross. Hunter went first and pulled a single. Derrick went second, pulled the Double Cross, and sent Hunter into the elimination to face off against an angry Leroy.

Everyone watching:


After two photo finishes, Hunter edged Leroy in the elimation 2-0. Don’t sleep on Hunter. This man has been thrown into elimination after elimination, the Redemption House once, and has still managed to battle his way back into the game every single time.

Next up, the ladies. Jenna pulls the Double Cross and is forced to choose between Tori and Camila. The line has been drawn in the sand as Jenna sent Camila into the elimination to battle Jemmye. Unlike the guys round, this was pretty one-sided. Camila dominated this elimination and did not do so quietly:

Like Kailah said, “Nobody’s scared of you, Camila.” And, quite frankly, I think everyone is kind of over you at this point too.

Leroy and Jemmye joined CT and Cara in the Redemption House where Leroy, in my opinion, was pissed at the wrong person. Yes, Veronica’s vote was technically the one that sent him in, but Britni’s “burn vote” was truly the one that screwed Leroy.

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