‘The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars’ Roster Breakdown

The rosters for the next season of MTV’s The Challenge — The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars — has been released today.

On the Champs side of things, the usual suspects will participate — Johnny Bananas, CT, Zack, Wes, Cory, Aneesa, Jenna, Ashley, and the return of Emily.

One question — why are Jenna and Cory considered “Champs” when they haven’t won a Challenge yet? Could this possibly be a spoiler of which girl wins The Challenge: Dirty Thirty? That still wouldn’t make sense to call Cory a Champ. Sure he has made a couple of Finals, but he isn’t a Champ. I want to believe it’s just a “no one else picked up the phone” type of situation, but I wouldn’t put anything past MTV because they have really been struggling with these spoilers lately.

The Stars roster includes:

Ariane AndrewA professional wrestler in the WWE. I fully expect her to put Wes in a Figure Four Leg Lock. (Do they still do that in wrestling?) WOOOOOO!

Josh MurrayWith Josh’s track record of failed reality television relationships, he’s probably more suited for Are You The One?

Justina ValentineA red-headed rapper that Cory will, no doubt, try to take to “Candy Land.”

Kim GlassA member of the U.S. national volleyball team and model. She’s competed at the highest level in her sport and will, hands down, be one of the toughest competitors in this season of The Challenge.

Matt RifeA comedian/actor from Ohio that is a Cavs fan. Being eliminated from The Challenge will not come close to the heartbreak he felt when LeBron left. He did date Kate Beckinsale for a short stint though.

Michelle WatersonHow was Rhonda Rousey the only female UFC fighter being called good-looking for the longest time? Michelle Waterson is an absolute SMOKE! Michelle > Rhonda 10/10 times.

Riff RaffA poor man’s Paul Wall with a style that looks like he should’ve been casted for The 90’s House instead. I don’t know much about this dude — because I clearly live under a rock — but he looks like a good time.

Romeo MillerOh shit! Lil’ Romeo trying to make a comeback! Let’s be honest, this can’t go any worse than his basketball career at USC.

Shawn JohnsonAn Olympic gold medalist gymnast that is no stranger to winning reality television game shows as she won season eight of Dancing With The Stars. I only fear that she is too sweet and innocent to excel at the mischievous, cutthroat game that is, The Challenge.

Terrell OwensI’m just going to come out and say it, T.O. is going to be in the elimination every week until he’s either eliminated or wins the whole thing. Not only is he the most physically dominant presence in the game, he will also piss many people off — and I’m here for it. T.O. is a PERFECT fit for The Challenge.

Getcha popcorn ready, Challenge fans. It’s going down November 21.

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