Week 3 Fantasy Picks

On to week 3. Looks like we have an intense wrestling group date and there’s bound to be at least one on one.

Join me on The Bachelor Fantasy League. The group is called Have & Hold and I would love to see if I can beat you 🙂

However join and pick before reading my picks below.

Sounds like a mean girl group to me who thinks they are better than everyone else. Guess we will see.

One on one dates typically go wrong in the beginning of the season so I’m guessing no on this bold question.

Fred Willard is seen in the video preview for the week so this is an easy one if you follow The Bachelor.

I’m going with the obvious answer here. Kenny is a wrestler so why not have him wrestle?

We need some drama so please let someone leave in dramatic fashion.

Video was just posted of Bibiana creating this only to have someone else sweep in.

Stay tuned for The Bachelor tonight at 8!

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