Bachelor Week 2 Fantasy

We are officially onto week 2 with Arie. Looks like week 2 brings some drama, as expected and some group and one on one dates.

I would love for you to join me on ABC for the fantasy league. However, you must pick your answers before seeing mine below 🙂

You can find my group under Have & Hold!

First things first. Final 4 and the winner. Let it be known I have not looked at Reality Steve, which I’m usually guilty of and I have no clue how I really came up with this 4.


Annalise- Funny and bubbly. He seemed interested.

Caroline- Both relators

Tia- Because who wouldn’t love Raven’s friend

Lauren B- Quiet and reserved and he likes blondes obviously… and a Lauren has to make it to the end or at lest statistics say so.

Seems way too soon. I say no, but I have no evidence for this answer and this show operates under way too fast so it could happen.

Clearly looks like 8 to me in the sneak peek video. Can’t wait to laugh again at the bumper cart trauma 😂

makes no sense to me. ET says Arie gets Vuitton heels and that's not an option so assuming a man just chose a big name designer and got it wrong, I chose Prada.


Bibiana clearly gets angry at Krystal for taking her time in this sneak peek. Easy question.

e this question. It could go either way. My gut always wants to say yes, but I vote no this week.

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