Derrick Dominates, “Jailah” Takes A Hard L

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel as we approach the season finale of The Challenge: XXX. On this week’s episode, we saw the individual challenge that would ultimately punch the last — guy and girl — ticket to the Final.

As we know from last week, CT and Jordan have already made the Final from the men’s side — Tori and Cara Maria from the women’s. Leaving Derrick, Hunter and Tony to fight for the final spot. As well as Camila, Jenna and Kailah.

Derrick won the last spot in the Final for the guys, destroying a one-handed Hunter in a competition that required hand/grip strength and an overmatched Tony.

All credit to Derrick. He earned that victory, but I would have loved to see him go toe-to-toe in that challenge against a healthy Hunter. Hunter has “earned his stripes” in my opinion. His back was against the wall, what seemed like, the entire season and he continued to find a way to stay in the game. Pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of Hunter, unless they have to amputate his hand for whatever reason. Even then, I think he’d still come back for more.

Like the guy’s challenge, the girl’s was also won in blowout fashion. Camila dominated Jenna and Kailah who, for the longest time, controlled this season. I have to imagine that the “Jailah” alliance feels exactly how the Atlanta Falcons did after last year’s Super Bowl. Basically dominating three quarters of the game just to piss your pants and come up short during crunch time. Jenna and Kailah took a hard L in this challenge. I don’t think either of them moved more than 2-3 inches acrossed the beam. At one point, I was reminded of that scene from Friends when Ross was teaching Rachel how to swing.Tough look for #TeamJailah.

All of this leaves us with a star-studded cast of characters for the Final. CT, Derrick, Jordan, Cara Maria, Camila and Tori all battling it out for $450,000. This is like a Final Four with all blue-blood programs. The best of the best (minus Johnny Bananas, of course). Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, UCONN. Everyone has at least one championship to their name, except Tori — but that’s only because she’s a rookie. I’m willing to bet that, if not this season, she will definitely win one down the road. I’d compare Tori, if we’re sticking to NCAA Basketball references, to Gonzaga. The newcomer, who has not yet reached “elite” program status, but is knocking on the door.

I expect this Final to be as good as they get with this cast and that much money on the line.

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